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Ye elves

The Tempest Project
July 17-22 @ 6:30 pm | Vancouver Playhouse

Based on Prospero's speech "Ye elves of hills" from Shakespeare's The Tempest, this piece is a riotous and magic-filled work for mixed ensemble, electronics, and disembodied voice. "Ye elves" will be performed as part of Music on Main's The Tempest Project, a roving musical experience at the Vancouver Playhouse, where audiences will walk throughout the venue, encountering music, performance, and sound in unexpected places.

Commissioned by Music on Main

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Blueridge Chamber Music Festival 2024
Thursday, August 15 @ 7:00 pm | Orpheum Annex

In May 2023 I was approached by the Blueridge Chamber Music Festival to write a work based on themes of childhood. The idea was to create a work that was inspired by a story, poem, or nursery rhyme that resonated with me as a child. The resulting composition is inspired by my first encounter with 1980s Japanese animation of popular stories from European and American literature. I turned this inspiration to a piece for variable ensemble.

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Before the World Sleeps

An album of music for piano performed by Miranda Wong
Releases on November 2, 2024

A new album of music for piano featuring Miranda Wong in her debut solo album.


A collection of 18 introspective works for piano, inspired in part by the unique experience of creating music in a time of upheaval, when the world seems to be steadily moving towards ecological, political, and technological disaster. An album created to reorient the creative process, from a post-hope perspective where control over a long-term future no longer feels possible. This is music composed for recording rather than presentation, as an act of preservation rather than expression.

Coming Soon

ASA Records - ASA 05

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