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Eleven Dialogues

for violin and cello

duration ~ 16 minutes

Commissioned by Karen Gerbrecht & Olivia Blander

Premiered on November 2007 at the UBC School of Music & June 2008 as part of the Canadian University Music Society Conference

In Platonic dialogues the reader is guided through a series of interactions containing implicit and explicit disagreements between the characters’ opinions. The conversational nature of this exchange allows the reader to become aware progressively of the reasoning behind each of the interlocutor’s arguments. As the rhetoric unfolds, essential elements of the concepts in question surface to reveal and cultivate new ideas for future dialogues. I see the reading of some of these dialogues as having a strong connection to music listening as it too relies on the gradual development of musical devices to construct an understanding of the musical object. These eleven dialogues are meant to contemplate on definite tasks (e.g. aggregate completion, pulse groupings, harmonic patterning) and pose questions about the meaning of these goals. 


Eleven Dialogues was commissioned through the generous support of violinist Karen Gerbrecht and cellist Olivia Blander.


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