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for amplified string quartet, and electronics

duration ~ 5 minutes

Commissioned by Jodi Norrison

Premiered as part of Music for a Night in May at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre on May 4th, 2018

Olivia Blander (cello), Andrew Brown (viola), Karen Gerbrecht (violin), Nicholas Wright (violin), Brian Chan (sound design)

Entr'acte is a short work for string quartet, live electronics, and a live recording of night sounds in the forest. It was inspired by an observation by Sir Edmund Grimani Hornby (1825–1896), Chief Judge of the British Supreme Court for China and Japan, during a sojourn at Lake Onuma in Japan. He appears to have experienced a moment of supreme bliss in that location. It was, he wrote, “a spot one would love to retire to, far away from the hum, noise, and busy strife of men, and wait quietly for the only great event in life, the one which terminates it.”

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