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F.C. (after François Couperin)

for flute and harpsichord

duration ~ 7 minutes

Commissioned by Mark Takeshi McGregor & Chris Bagan

Premiered on March 20, 2012 at the Cellar Jazz Club in Vancouver BC

F.C. (after François Couperin) was commissioned by flautist Mark Takeshi McGregor in the Fall of 2011 to be performed in a “A Month of Tuesdays” concert at Music on Main in Vancouver. The event, scheduled for March 20th, 2012, celebrated the music of the 18th and 21st centuries. 


Here’s Mark’s description of the project: “It is a curious fact that the Baroque and Modern eras of music have suffered neglect from conventional concert programming. The rise of period performance practice, while vital and inspiring, has inadvertently robbed modern instrument performers of a vast treasure trove of repertoire: many performers no longer programme music of the 18th century for fear of playing it “wrong.” Likewise, the music of contemporary Canadian composers are often programmed apologetically as short, token works inserted between standard, Romantic warhorses. “


Music on Main prides itself on presenting unique, thought-provoking programmes that redefine the classical music concert experience. On March 20th, their "A Month of Tuesdays" series presented presented McGregor and Bagan playing sonatas by three masters of the Baroque era (Handel, Bach, Couperin), each accompanied by a new work by a Canadian composer that reflected in some way on the work of the elder master. The composers included Cassandra Miller, Alfredo Santa Ana, Jocelyn Morlock, and Edward Top. As Mark described the process, “[it was] fascinating to see how each composer approached the age-old combination of flute and harpsichord. The results were wonderfully varied, breathtakingly lovely…. and occasionally demented.”


I am truly grateful to Chris and Mark for their initiative, and to my fellow composers for creating these fascinating works, as well as to Music on Main’s David Pay and Jonathan Evans for their curatorial vision and support of this concert.


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