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17 tracks

duration ~ 34 minutes

A debut album of electronic music, released October 5th, 2021

A carefully organized collection of acoustic artifacts, Nightscape slowly unfolds over 17 tracks as a gathering of echoes and messages from an unknown or alternate timeline. It is music that can be experienced as accompaniment to a nocturnal expedition through an abandoned city, where the listener finds the vanishing sounds of out-of-tune pianos, birds, organs, voices, bells, trumpets, and drum machines. The musical aesthetic on the album focuses on nostalgia, isolation, and time, with each track combining layers of notated and quasi-improvised musical material into a dark chamber-like electronic suite of disquieting miniatures. Gradually, the music of Nightscape folds into a communion with the uncertainty that inspired it, suggesting that sometimes, even after dawn, the night is still present.

"Nightscape is a visionary piece, in orbit on a journey unknown. [...] Like a light in a dark tunnel as answers dwell in the distance, "Inner Migration" [track 14] has an ingenuity that is sensitive, honest, but open to new design."

"moody and gripping...a dynamic and highly palatable story, which nicely breaks expectation regularly. it feels over too soon, in a good way, making me want to go back and listen again."


souns / la fe / chambers / low indigo

I wrote most of this album during the Fall of 2020, composing in quick spurts of creativity, over nights that grew longer and darker, writing during the hours after midnight when I struggled sleeping. The city was often quiet, but also alert and listening, which inspired me to write about themes of isolation, the unknown, and the forgotten. I was drawn to creating this album in a new and personal way, unmediated by performance—music from me to the listener directly—away from daytime influences. The work grew and turned into a labour of piecing together these musical bursts, which combined, stretched out like those lengthening nights.



All recorded sound is by the nature of its technological capture a form of detachment from its original source. In Nightscape, the music reflects and further engages with this idea, aspiring to create a listening space in which the listener not only recognizes familiar sound objects but can also perceive their ‘out of time-ness’ or temporal disjunction as a way of creating a new meaning  for them within the music. As the listener encounters the different voices of poets (Pilgrimage, Abandon all previous strategies…, Lost Future), old film dialogue (Signals), and lost family members (Lose Contact), the post-ambient-acousmatic-spoken-word soundscape explores new and imagined origins for these recordings. The voices in the album, along with the mix of chosen sampled instruments, creates an uncanny scattering of presences, each sound performs a role beyond that of playing notes or musical gestures. Rather than fixing the source of these voices and samples to exist within a single, original context, the music of Nightscape sets them up to re-possess a new and imagined origin, a haunting of the dream-like music—the perfect aural backdrop to an ontological night journey.


  1. It's in the Soil 1

  2. Echoes from a Vanishing Paracosm

  3. Roleplay

  4. Night Vessel

  5. Lose Contact

  6. Peacock

  7. Pilgrimage

  8. The Introvert

  9. Blooming Dark

  10. Lights on!

  11. Signals

  12. Lifting the Veil

  13. Abandon all previous strategies...

  14. Inner Migration

  15. The Last Hymn

  16. Lost Future

  17. It's in the Soil 2

Available in a limited edition Canadian pressing of 200 units as a 180-gram 12" vinyl LP.


Music by Alfredo Santa Ana

Poetry and spoken word by

Alfredo Gonzalez Bouret, Colin Browne, Alisen Santa Ana, and Luis J. Rodriguez

Performed, produced, and mixed by Alfredo Santa Ana

Mastering by Andrew Spindor at Railtown Mastering

Album Art Direction by Dirk Wright

Audio excerpts courtesy of ITV Archive/Powell & Pressburger, and Claudia Chan Shaw. Poetry by Los Angeles Poet Laureate Luis J. Rodriguez from Trochemoche: Poems, Curbstone Press, courtesy of Susan Bergholz Literary Services, New York, NY and Lamy, NM, all rights reserved.

ASA Records - ASA01

October 5, 2021


All videos by Alfredo Santa Ana

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