duration ~ 6:00

Commissioned by the NYO Canada,

with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts



Premiered on the NYOC's 2015 TD National Tour | Mchael Francis, cond., July 22 - Aug 6, 2015

The title “Ocaso” comes from the Spanish word for “dusk”. Although its meaning in Spanish is the same as in English, its use can also be used as a reference to old age, or what is sometimes called the twilight years of someone’s life.


In writing this work, I spent a lot of time thinking specifically about this period of life while being engaged creatively, and even though the ‘dusk’ of someone’s life is not an explicit theme in the music, it is the emotional backdrop that inspired and influenced how I approached the writing of this piece.


Musically, the work contrasts dense rhythmic ostinatos --mostly in the strings-- with long pedal tones that move at different rates. I find the resulting tension in the combination of these textures helped me generate musical material that could be orchestrated in both small and large scale instrumental contexts.