for clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, and cello

duration ~ 3 minutes

Commissioned by Standing Wave Ensemble

Premiered on May 10, 2010 at The Cultch

ON THE BRIDGE was written for the Standing Wave Ensemble’s collaboration with Canadian film director Mina Shum in the creation of her cinematic theatre piece All. This composition is one of six pieces that make up the audio soundtrack of the work, and was commissioned with the idea that each composer reflect on a physical aspect of the city’s landscape with which to build the final collage of the work. This particular segment of the work is meant to explore the idea of a journey connecting geographical and cultural diversity within the city of Vancouver. The idea of a bridge in this piece symbolizes the complexity of emotions ranging from beauty to tragedy which can be witnessed or felt at times while traveling from one location in Vancouver to another. It may be difficult to understand the disparities sometimes separated by a city bridge and this piece aims to convey the sense of disconnect that may be perceived through the process of travel or journey from one place, thought, experience or feeling, to another.