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A Short Song for the Longest Night of the Year

For varying ensemble including voice(s), violin, harp, cello, and piano

duration ~ 6 minutes

Commissioned by Music on Main

Premiered on December 12, 2014 at Heritage Hall in Vancouver BC

A Short Song for the Longest Night of the Year was commissioned by Music on Main for their Music for their annual Winter Solstice concert.



Darkest forest where the night begins

Silent stars and trees hold light

Longest night where wind returns

We remember, we begin


Silent stars holding light


Time will pull all the leaves to the ground

With time, all leaves will return

Premiere performance on December 2014, with Caroline Shaw (violin/voice), Steve Maddock (voice), Rachel Iwaasa (piano), Ariel Barnes (cello), and Heidi Kreutzen (harp).

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