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Wave Remote

for electric guitar, flutes, and electronics

duration ~ 11 minutes

Commissioned by the McGregor-Verdejo Duo (Mark Takeshi McGregor & Adrian Verdejo) with generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts

Canada Council for the Arts

One of the main ideas for this work was to feature the guitar in a more prominent role than that of traditional guitar & flute music, where guitar is usually relegated to a secondary or accompanying role. Written in the spring of 2020 and lightly revised in 2022, the use of technology, loopers, and electric guitar pedals on both the flute and guitar is a trademark sonic component of this piece. The use of looper pedals for each instrument is essential to the work as entire sections of music are looped and played back while each musician plays against a version of themselves. When performed live, the musicians are looping phrases and performing on top, playing with a ‘ghost’ of themselves. As a piece written in the spring of 2020 this seemed like a poignant creative devise as things felt like they were never going back to the way they were before.

Mark Takeshi McGregor (flutes) @lordofthenewts 
Adrian Verdejo (electric guitar) @VerdejoGuitar 

Director/Editor: Javier Posadas
Performance/Recording: Mark Takeshi McGregor (flutes), Adrian Verdejo (electric guitar)
Audio Mixer: Alfredo Santa Ana
Filmed on location in Mexico City

Special thanks to Alfredo Gurrola, Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras, and the Comisión de Filmaciones de la Ciudad de México.

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