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New album release on ASA Records - ASA 03
Releases on November 25, 2022

A new album of music for classical and electric guitar featuring performances by the McGregor-Verdejo Duo, Made in Canada Duo, and Alfredo Santa Ana.


The pieces in the album explore the concept of distance and time through music performance, blending electronic elements with recordings made over 2 years across Vancouver, Ottawa, and Utrecht, Netherlands. The album also includes Santa Ana's performance of Steve Reich's seminal work for electric guitar, Electric Counterpoint.

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Made in Canada Duo
New commission

The Made in Canada Duo (Michael Ibsen and Nathan Bredeson) record visit foundation high scatter, a new work for two guitars with 24 possible arrangements. With a focus on Canadian classical guitar repertoire, the duo is collaborating with living Canadian composers to create new works for future video and festival premieres across Canada and Europe.

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Wave Remote

McGregor-Verdejo Duo
New Commission

The McGregor-Verdejo Duo (Mark Takeshi McGregor and Adrian Verdejo) record Wave Remote, a new work for flute and electric guitar written in 2020 using a variety of effects pedals, loops, and pre-recorded tracks.

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