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Before the World Sleeps

18 tracks

duration ~ 47 minutes

An album of music for piano performed by Miranda Wong
Release: November 2, 2024


Before the World Sleeps refers to the unique experience of creating music in a time of upheaval, when the world seems to be steadily on course towards ecological, political, and technological disaster. It is the rift between human experience and political reality that appears to be irreconcilable, to the point where counteractive measures of trying to “combat” or “fight” what will likely have an inevitable outcome, no longer feel sufficient.

I made the decision to create this album in the fall of 2023, wanting to spend the following year writing and organizing music for piano from within this context—using some sort of post-hope perspective—where there is no longer an assumption of having control over having a long-term future. The goal was not to celebrate demise or despair or to come up with music filled with ideas about the end of the world. It was to reorient the compositional process to creating small pieces of music that I could finish quickly, and with an archiver's mindset, commit them to a recording in an era filled with existential anxiety, but where locating meaning in creativity was still possible.


Miranda Wong Pianist

Alfredo Santa Ana Composer

Mark Takeshi McGregor Producer

Don Harder Recording Engineer & Editor

Nick Storring Publicity

Robert Darch Studio Director- HippoSonic Recording Studio

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